Aloha! And thank you for joining me here on Substack. 

I've dedicated my entire adult life to serving our country. What I care about is the truth and what's right. I don’t fit into any box, and you'll find me hard to label. I have a simple message — let's do what's best for the American people, our country, and the planet.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you on this platform. I’ll take a deep dive into the topics and issues that impact us in our everyday lives, and share things that are important to me personally. You'll hear my perspective without any filters. 

For those who subscribe — thank you! You’ll be first to hear when I post on everything from culture, to politics, and news of the day. 

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My time in Congress and on the presidential campaign trail took me far and wide across our beautiful country. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time in so many places across this great nation and to have met people from every background imaginable. 

It was on the road where I was continuously reminded of how special this country is, and how in spite of our differences, we, as Americans, are all connected. We have more in common than we may realize. It was at diners and schools, parks, farms and fields, and Main Streets lined with family-owned shops and cafes where the red, white, and blue proudly waved in the afternoon breeze.

My hope is that what we talk about here will help bridge the divide, increase understanding, and remind us of how important it is that we not take for granted our God-given rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. 

With aloha always,


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Tulsi Gabbard

Former Congresswoman and 2020 Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a veteran with three deployments to war zones in the Middle East and Africa. She currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel and Civil Affairs officer in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Tulsi first served in elected office in the Hawaii State House of Representatives when she was 21 years old. Due to the attacks on 9/11, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. In 2004, she gave up an easy re-election campaign and volunteered to deploy to Iraq with the 29th Brigade Combat Team where she served in a medical unit.

After returning home in 2006, Tulsi worked in the U.S. Senate as a legislative aide to the late Senator Danny Akaka, who was Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. She then volunteered for a second Middle East deployment as a Platoon Leader.

Tulsi ran for U.S. Congress at age 31, vowing to honor the lives and sacrifice of her brothers and sisters in uniform. She prevailed in a difficult election and went on to serve in Congress for eight years as a member of the Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Foreign Affairs Committees. Foregoing a run for re-election to Congress, she was a Presidential candidate in the Democratic Party in 2020.

Tulsi puts country before party and approaches every issue, domestic and foreign, based on ensuring the safety, security, and freedom of the American people.

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People before politics. Country before party. Peace, prosperity, security and freedom.


Tulsi Gabbard 

Former Congresswoman. Ran for President. Veteran. Surfer. Soldier.