I agree the treatment of veterans in this country is a travesty, Tulsi, and one of the things I always appreciated about you is that you put your life on the line in a way that few politicians do—and not just short-term, but long-term.

Most importantly, it was your firsthand experience of the horrors of war that made you pro-diplomacy and anti–regime-change wars and violence.

That is a courageous and ethical stance to take in the face of jingoism and the propagandists’ false equation of supporting war with supporting veterans.

I think you would appreciate this guest piece I published by a recently departed Vietnam vet on Veterans Day:

• “‘My War’: Missive from a Fallen Veteran” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/my-war-missive-from-a-fallen-veteran)

This is the quote from that piece that punched me in the gut:

“We all fell off a Norman Rockwell calendar and into a bankers’ war. It never occurred to us that the government would lie to start a war.”

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Thank you, Tulsi🇺🇸💯The American government seems endlessly spending on foreign wars, lobbying with the media, medical assistance for trans people & killing babies, caring for immigrants flooding the border & personal paybacks for those currently in office‼️We thank the veterans & this is so sad.

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Jan 6, 2023·edited Jan 6, 2023

Evidently they (at least Dims) care more for those here illegally (and wanting even MORE to come) than those who fought for their country.

This really pisses me off to no end. 😡

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Thanks a lot !!!

FYI - a great interview with Rumble CEO on TC Today: "The Rise of Rumble"

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Thank you Tulsi!

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The VA health care system killed my husband. Bladder cancer was found in 2017, but we weren't told about it. When he started having blood in his urine, instead of thinking it was the bladder cancer, he was taken off of his blood thinners and had another stroke. The cancer was rediscovered when he was in the hospital recovering from the stroke. One physician actually cared enough to read his files and found the 2017 notation.

A followup procedure after the surgery introduced an infectious agent, which required a PICC line introducing antibiotics directly into my husband's chest. Which necessitated his being in a nursing home for the duration of the treatment. While he was in the VA nursing home his kidneys gave out and he was sent back to the hospital. I was told by a physician in the renal department that his kidneys gave out because he was protein deprived. He was sent home on November 24, 2020. On November 25, a home nurse saw him and asked, "The VA sent him home like this?" Later that day he couldn't breathe, and I called an ambulance. One of the attendants looked at him and said, "The VA sent him home like this?" I begged the ambulance not to take him back to the VA, and he was taken to a private teaching hospital. He was put on a feeding tube and intubated and went into a coma. He was eventually moved to a long-term care hospital, where he died. The VA screwed up multiple times. It's pathetic how little they care.

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BRAVO “Censored News” – for using correct term for a photo of Biden's Digital Director Rob Flaherty:

“ This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a modern fascist looks like: Rob Flaherty. “

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How about we just call a spade a spade - the so-called "Veterans Administration" - like ALL of the OVER 300 - federal government agencies is "administered" by Un-elected and Un-accountable bureaucrats; with NO meaningful oversight by the Congress. The ONLY U.S. president that I can recall who actually DID make some changes in that moribund and ossified agency was president Donald Trump.

Had his second term not been hijacked by the members, fellow travelers and moles (in) the Council on Foreign Relations, aka the "Deep-State", he might well have continued to reform the VA.

The reality is, it is the U.S. CONGRESS that is ABSOLUTELY responsible for FUNDING and OVERSIGHT of All the OVER 300 agencies, bureaus and departments of the federal government - and collectively, BOTH the so-called "Democrats" and so-called "Republicans" - with the possible exception of VETERANS serving in Congress - like YOU were, Tulsi - BUT, it is the SPEAKER of the HOUSE and Senate Majority "Leader" - who CONTROL the introduction of ALL bills that reach the House Floor; DITTO, the "Majority Leader" in the Senate.

BOTH Houses are so thoroughly CORRUPT circa AD 2023, there is little too NO chance the plight of Our Veterans will ever change - until the day when a full and COMPLETE house-cleaning and nullification of ALL "laws" that provide IMMUNITY for ANY "civil-servant" to be FIRED for cause.

THAT is another reason the federal bureaucracy torpedoed the 2020 federal election, because president Trump had ( no doubt still HAS ) a plan to END the ridiculous "Imperial Tenure" of the 7.8 MILLION federal EMPLOYEES.... who AVERAGE some 90,000.00 yearly salary + BONUSES!

The absolutely CORRUPT (former) Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi - in her final act of "spending like a drunken Socialist" - of OTHER PEOPLES MONEY - bestowed a BASE salary of $200.000.00 for all Congressional STAFF!

I recall not all that long ago, $200,000.00 was the salary of the President of the United States!

While no doubt "president" Joe Biden collects HIS presidential salary today of $400,000.00, President Donald Trump didn't take a DIME of his for the 4 years he busted his ass to try to Make America Great Again - for ALL Americans, including the 70 MILLIONS of Americans who voted for Trump ( who Joe Biden calls MAGA - "Domestic Terrorists" ).

BTW, his (Joe Biden's) SLOGAN of: "Build Back Better" - is the SLOGAN of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, i.e., Klaus Schwab (and) The One World Order GLOBALIST "citizen of the world" Utopian MORONS, which according to his "State of the Union" speech, Joe Biden IS ONE!

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Thank you tulsi

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Tulsi, you are amazing. Your dedication and values are blessed.

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