We’ve pretty much destroyed the Bill of Rights, except for the second amendment.

Americans believe that their biggest problem is the government!.. The government has become a dictatorship, with O'bama and Biden having complete control over big-tech, the media, social media, the FBI and the justice dept!.. Now they're trying everything they can to destroy the second amendment!..

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Good post, Tulsi. Thanks for using your platform to remind us all that free speech is under assault here in the U.S. The trajectory is incremental, interspersed with periodic junk science and history that seeks to redefine “truth” to fit a given narrative - 1619 Project, COVID, unlimited gender dystopia. The only constant in all these assaults on free speech is the government, which either does not defend the first amendment or actively seeks to undermine it.

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Hello Tulsi 😘

Not surprising when we consider that the left has tried to redefine: woman, fetus, domestic terrorist, insurrection, voter suppression, vaccine, immunity, illegal alien, anti-police and recession.

Truth is their kryptonite.

When you can’t win an argument on merits, you silence the opposition!

I am really enjoying your content on your fantastic Substack and I am so happy to support your work and stand with you too. I love you Tulsi Gabbard ❤️

I really love everything that you do and say.

So thankful that you are part of my life.

You are so magical to my heart ❤️

Your podcast is the best show around 💯🙏

I really respect you very much ❤️

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Tulsi, I think we all agree with everything you have said. The real issue is What Do We Do About It? The whines are many, but the useful suggestions as to how this gets fixed are few and far between. I hope you dedicate a piece to what we (you and the rest of us) should be doing NOW that actually might make a difference. And please do not tell us to "vote". Most of us have never missed an election, but expect that our votes are trash-canned anyway. Many thanks for what you are doing.

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Tulsi, you have a lot to say. Everything in the article I agree with you about. Please continue write however, please make it read in five minutes or less. More than that, is risking that a lot of what you write will get lost. Shorter essays, more often!!!

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i'm ignoring it all. i just had to replace muh well system $6K, hot water tank $7K. try and take from me. now the commies want to tax our poop. new septic tank regs. I'll go get muh crossbow, its real quiet. only hurts for a second.....ask the deer.

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Thank you !!

FYI -- Twitter SW has more complex censorships – Musk invited Rubin for his engineers to discuss his account

Elon Musk Invited Me to Twitter HQ & It's Worse Than You Can Imagine (Jan. 30 – Rubin Report)


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I'm surprised my trans widow (we are ex-wives of cross-sex ideating men, who often take "mother" as one of their new personae) memoir hasn't been de-listed from Barnes&Noble and Amazon. Fortunately, my publisher, iuniverse (.com/bookstore) believes in free speech and published In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow (2022, eBook and soft cover) with my 50 nature photos and chronicle of healing from the trauma of discovering my then husband, father of our 2 sons, had been conducting a secret life. Not as a bigamist, but "as female." As we know from Chloe Cole and adult detransitioners like Chris Beck, this is not a stable "diagnosis." Here's free speech on Ute Heggen youtube channel:


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From a different perspective about those in power today, have you ever heard the words ‘I AM’ That ‘I AM’? They mean God is One with ALL things; Everything we see and touch and everything we cannot, everything that we know and everything we do not know yet. So, these lower vibrational consciousness Brothers and Sisters of a United Humanity, which we call the ‘laggard consciousness’ are also a part of us within a human race and they appear to be taking over the world. No! They are simply playing out the mass consciousness where people all over the world have lost their connections to God, beginning many aeons ago. Is that not what Jesus the Christ came to Earth to show us, to remind us that what you think you are; a 'human' conscious being, is not the Truth of Who We Truly Are as God Conscious Beings? The question was asked what can we do to that is positive to bring balance back into our personal lives, communities, nation and worlds? There are actually billions of things we can do. Yes there are 8 billion people upon earth right now so if everyone could show some Unconditional Love starting with a helping hand imagine the changes that can come from that! So what we see going on can be painful, possible even to greatest pain that there is bear by any individual person or group, but there is always a Causal Healing that can alleviate all pain and suffering. Humanity has forgotten this and today we are being reminded by these Dear Souls who deny their own connections to God or their Higher Selves. It is time to Forgive them for they know not what they do! Unconditional Forgiveness equates to Freedom. For humanity to finds its God Given and Innate Right to be Free then the worlds narratives need to change, for while the focus upon all the atrocities that are playing out under the Cosmic Law that says what you think, you create and sustain, if we want Love and Joy and Peace and Freedom then that is the New Narrative that the social media needs to embrace. Imagine where no energy is given the false power elite where no more energy that the present social media feeds their agendas and your our old human programs and thought patterns are healed. Energy follows thought and so while those in power who are very intelligent, but they lack God Intelligence and they are outnumbered by numbers unfathomable that they cannot continue to corral unless a human being or a nation continue to accept and agree with their agendas, for while we go along with them whether one believes it or not, one is agreeing with them and thus give them more power to continue doing the same. In short, if we as humanity do not start to look within and heal all the wounds we have accrued over so many lifetimes, then only further pain and suffering and loss and illness and unhappiness and oppression and allowing to be lead to our own demise will continue. My question then is simple. What can each one reading this do to change something in their life to help assist another find the time and space to free another to do the same. Freedom begin s with a helping hand and smile or a random act of kindness for no more that for Love's Own Sake! Blessings of Love! - Peter

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Just gave my son a year subscription to Tulsi on substack . Help spread her wisdom.


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Without our 1st amendment free speech rights we will cease to be the Constitutional republic our founders created. That is the road to tyranny.

Spot on Tulsi. Brava and Aloha!

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I still want to build a "Formula One" race track on what ever island you have growing over there. keep me posted.


sports cars. old ones. with old guys like me driving. fun. hey, ya know fun....

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Tulsi, you were conned. You were a member of a political party that started going off the rails in the 1930s and crashed into the side of a mountain in the sixties.

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Thank you, Tulsi, for continuing to provide intelligent & correct response in a sea of drowning rats🙌🙏

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Bravo !! And -- Russian Ukraine Endgame: End of Russia or end of Globalism?


OUTSTANDING – A must listen.

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I am helping Tulsi by having started up a merchandising business in her honour. I did it for fun but it has been a resounding success and all the proceeds from it , I give it directly to


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