Tucker is open to discussion with people of every ideology, race, creed, religion, lack thereof and opinion. He does not tolerate or promote hated, nor is he a “ right wing zealot”. Compared to what the Democrats No Longer have become, Tucker is a classic liberal(😇). He has an open mind, regardless of his personal tenets.

Tucker gained my viewership when he began his “ Tech Tyranny” series of expose’ . Way before anybody even recognized the dangerous capacitu

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I can really relate to this thinking as a teenager & college student, I would join the peace corps to save the world & travel. Now, as an active senior with many grandchildren, I am so concerned for this corrupt government controlled life in America. I applaud you & Tucker for going after the beast‼️Please keep after them‼️💯🇺🇸

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Carlson is the most receptive journalist giving detransitioners a voice, and we saw the pushback when Leslie Stahl tried to cover them on 60 minutes. The announcement recently that Chris (for a few recent years Kristen) Beck, a Navy Seal is detransitioning and felt pressured to be one of the first military personnel to openly transition demonstrates how unstable the "gender dysphoria" diagnosis is.


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FBI deliberately lied to social media companies about Hunter Biden laptop (actually three water-damaged laptops – not one) – FBI knew the full truth exactly – laptops were in their possession for ONE (1) YEAR



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Hi Tulsi, Good interview! Having lived abroad as an American in some "banana republics", I used to tsk tsk their government- controlled media and blatant (e.g. unions -->Democratic Party-->unions) payoffs. That would never be tolerated in MY country. Well, now it is. I am so ashamed and embarrassed for the hash we have made of what our forefathers fought and died to preserve - our freedom from all sources of tyranny. Most of our political leaders are interested only in their own power, they are piling on unsustainable levels of debt, their incompetence, ranging from COVID to Afghanistan/MIddle East to an open southern border is stupefying. and our children - our future - are brainwashed by clueless marxist-wannabe teachers. I am by nature an optimist, but our system has become really, really broken.

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ALOHA! Tulsi...Just observed your conversation with Tucker. If I may, regarding the notion of "democracy" - and in NO way being snide, I am curious if you are aware that in the (7) Articles and (24) Sections of Our Constitution the word - democracy - cannot be found? Factually, Article. IV., Section, 4. plainly sez: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and upon Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence". Many of our Founders knew from history that democracies devolved into mobocracies - usually within a 200 year time frame. Seems like we the people are repeating history yet again - exactly as Georges Santyanna posited: "Those ignorant of History are doomed to Repeat it".

As for "journalism" and journalists being independent and honest in reporting (political) news, had you read THE PRESIDENT MAKERS book ( I sent to your Hawaii address ) -you cannot but come to the conclusion that almost from the git-go in 1787 the so-called "free press" has been corrupted by the generational establishments - and "news" skewered and slanted in the direction dictated by

their benefactors.

Today, circa 2022 AD, our FAKE NEWS "media" print & TV, are predominantly OWNED by the so-called Deep-State Establishment - and almost ALL of the media luminaries belong to and are members of a NGO - Non Governmental Organization - that itself was established in 1921. One of its Founders was John Foster Dulles (Eisenhower's Secretary of State), who stated: "The United Nations Charter Supersedes the U.S. Constitution" . Dulles younger brother - Alan Dulles - was the 1st Director of the CIA.

Media members of this NGO (today) include: Michael Bloomberg, Tom Brokaw* NBC, Mika Brzezinski (& Joe Scarborough) MSNBC, Richard M. Cohen CBS, Katie Couric CBS, Jackson Diehl WAPO, Thomas Friedman NYT, David R. Gergen CNN, Charles M. Lane FOX, Jon Mecham, Andrea Mitchell NBC, Les Moonves CBS, Deborah Norville CBS, Dan Rather CBS, David J. Remnick ENC New Yorker, David E. Sanger NYT, Douglas E. Schoen, FOX, Gerald F. Seib WSJ, Leslie R. Stahl CBS, Les Moonves CBS, George Stephanopolis ABC, Diane Sawyer ABC, Jake Tapper CNN, Mark Alexander Thiessen WAPO, Jeffrey Toobin CNN, Barbara Walters ABC, Margaret R. Warner PBS,

Brian Williams, Judy Woodruff PBS, Paula A. Zahn ABC,CBS,FOX,CNN), Fareed Zakaria* CNN,

Erin Burnett CNN, Juju Chang ABC and Andrew Ross Sorkin CNBC.

All of the above are members of the NGO you wisely removed yourself from - the CFR.

*Tom Brokaw NBC & Fareed Zakaria CNN - are two of the (36) Members of the Board of the CFR.

As a now 86 year old INDEPENDENT voter, Constitutional Conservative, and Naval Air veteran, I wave witnessed first hand - for over a half century, the ongoing destruction of our Republic from WITHIN - by the very people who SWEAR to UPHOLD our Constitution - MOST of whom have clearly NEVER READ that Document. Decades of watching the Congressional shenanigans via C-SPAN-I & C-SPAN II UNDERSCORE my statement!

You appear, Tulsi, to have genuine concern about what is happening to out country - and perhaps the intellectual fortitude to defy the D.C. swamp...but you must know you are now an apostate and "they" will stop at NOTHING to break you for your audacity to defy them; and your non compliance with what amounts to vast treasonous conspiracy to absolutely subvert and destroy the "Fragile Experiment With Freedom" Ben Franklin spoke of.

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I live in the "analog world" the majority of the time. less and less screen time makes Tom a better boy.....

Aren't there a lot of things out there that you would rather not see, that you alone can do nothing about? I have been, since my childhood, so I work to make a better locality, and life for those around me and my children. Pay Caesar what is Caesar's. Caesar better get his hand out of my pocket before I cut it off.

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Hi Tulsi, I have to admit to finding Tucker Carson and Sean Hannity the conservative version of Rachel Maddow. As is often the case, there is truth and wisdom to be realized on all sides of an argument. You know that, you often give credit, be it liberal, conservative or libertarian. People like Maddow, Reid, Hannity and to a lesser extent, Carlson... they can only see through the filter of their biases.

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Tulsi, if you choose not to enter the 2024 primaries… Independents are shut down by the duplicitous duopolous donor owned obstructive WEF Kleptocorporate transnational monopolistic, Machiavellian, megalomaniacaltranshumanistGreat Reset feudalist overlords. Using Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, Dear Leader, The Prince, Anarchist’s Cookbook, Satanic Verses, Frankenstein, 1984, Animal Farm, Stepford Wives,Slaughterhouse Five, Fahrenheit, I, Robot,Legion, Sophie’s Choice,The Island Of Doctor Moreau, AI( the movie),Faust,Coma,Marathon Man, The Boys From Brazil,Slaughterhouse Five, Boxing Helena, the writings and experiments of Dr. Money, NAMBLA, The Omega Man, The Diary Of Anne Frank,,Heart Of Darkness,Arsenic and Old Lace, Malthus and Brave New World as playbooks. And Soylent Green. The silence is deafening.

Every Democrat voted “ yay” on chimeric hybrid tanspecies research. They support the WHO Pandemic Treaty. No doubt Mitch, Romney, Lindsey Graham, Thune,Collins, Murkowski,Young, Cheney, Kinzinger as well. And then there. Is the extreme fundamentalist left and right.

That said, would you consider Veep, Foreign Policy Advisor, Sec Of State or any other imperative , Higbee ranking influence appointment and if so, who would be your President of choice?

You are the single prominent voice calling attention to the heinous anti-Modi, anti-Hindu bias. My delightful son in law is the first American born son of Indian immigrants. He’s brilliant. A prodigy. Thirty years old and the Chief Of Radiation Oncology at Miami’s premier hospital and Cancer research and treatment facility. My Jewish daughter is is his 29 year old protege’. They are so in sync they seem to communicate telepathically, He’s also a transplantation surgeon. His family is absolutely wonderful. And NOBODY has called out the vicious lies and smear campaign targeting the wisely nationalistic Modi.

Oh, but I’d dance barefoot to know you were guiding a moral President and get us off the path to the apocalypse.

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Your conversation with Tucker was great!

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This is really powerful stuff!

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Why was my comment a couple of days ago deleted?

When you delete a comment, it would be rude not to send a message telling why. I just might have to kick your ass Tulsi Gabbard when you come to San Jose.

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Dec 16, 2022·edited Dec 16, 2022

I'm hopeful that many more people are waking up. Our current leader's have such a grip on power, but we the people are hopefully putting fear into their hearts.

I think you might try to interview those few, if they exist, congress people who have good intentions and difficulty within the system they find themselves. I don't know if they exist, and it would be good to know that they do, or not. " Is it possible for a good person to survive in Congress?"

Keep up the Good Work.

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