Dear Tulsi:

Your post touched me deeply. In 1962, I was a 9-year-old little boy who was doing the “duck and cover” drill in Sister Bridget Mary’s class, who went home to see National Guardsmen marching down our Miami neighborhood full of Cuban refugees who had just escaped Castro’s takeover of their country. I was also the 64-year-old man who was calling his wife, from Maui where I live, to say my final goodbye, when my car and phone were alerting me that a nuclear bomb was heading to Hawaii and this was “not a drill” like what I remembered from my childhood. Tulsi, your historical lesson is spot on. As someone who served in the Army, in Europe, during the very height of the Cold War in the 1970s, I can remember how close we were to war with the Soviet Union at that time. We used to take potshots at the Russian soldiers, over the border, when we were on military maneuvers in West Germany. My children’s lives, and their children’s lives, have never been more threatened than right now. If this country doesn’t do a complete 180 in these next two elections, this country is doomed. Take it from a man who has lived long enough to know that as a fact, not someone who simply adheres to one of our two self-destructive political parties. Tulsi, you know this, which is why you dumped the Democratic Party. Even though that party was respectable back in the days when my parents voted for Kennedy, it is absolutely destroying everything of moral value in America today, and our feckless President doesn’t even know what planet he’s on. This is not just a political rant. It is as stark a warning as I have ever given, one as real as when I ducked and covered under my desk as a 9-year-old boy.

Keep up the good Tulsi. God bless you.

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Amazing insight, Tulsi. I find myself often frustrated with our media who continue to fail younger Americans. Today’s generation, for the most part, are completely unaware of what’s really going on with Russia/Ukraine and the dangerous threat of nuclear war that we’re currently facing. If you dare mention it, then our society automatically dismisses it as something that only happens in Hollywood.

Grateful for your leadership and willingness to bring this to the forefront of discussion in America. Most likely, with many of the Biden administration’s policies already in effect, difficult days are ahead, but this is an issue where we still have one exit ramp left before disaster. I sincerely hope and pray that your willingness to bring this real threat into the conversation will inform and empower Americans to vote for change and peace in November.

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Saw the news, great to see. Kari Lake is one of the best this cycle. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/tulsi-gabbard-campaign-gops-kari-lake-arizona

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Tulsi, you’ve become an overnight phenom.I like the candidates you’re campaigning with. Check out Laverne Spicer. She’s an outsider, anti-war, minority and can win with your help.

My personal goal is to remake the GOP. The system is so damned locked in, it’s impossible to forge a third party . But creating a new Republican Party is achievableModern. Younger, energetic and purged. Both parties are terrified of you, but the good players and the voters spanning the spectrum love you.. A hostile takeover(😂) if need be with a creative new platform. Broader.

Please, PLEASE expose Biden’s Transhumanist Executive Order! NATO, the US, UN , Brussels and the globalist technoklepto corporate multinational monopoly are the enemy and it isn’t Putin trying to recreate the Soviet Union. It’s all the aforementioned. The Great Rest aka Build Back Better aka Brave New World is the new, expanded CommunoFascist USSR global, borderless, microchipped, souless end of human individualism and free will. This MUST be stopped!

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Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” campaign ad seems ever appropriate today.


Thank you for bringing sanity to the madness of our current foreign policy discussions.

No one “wins” a nuclear war.

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If you are a married man and have not yet learned that the words "you shouldn't be upset" are a guarantor of continuing marital conflict then you are a fool. The Russians lost 20 million people in World War II. We Americans did not. There are Russians alive today who survived Stalingrad. You may say to such a people "you should not feel threatened when our alliance expands to your doorstep in contravention of our promises" but if you expect a peaceful relationship to follow then you are a fool. We do not need to excuse Putin's monstrous and violent crimes to admit our own contribution to the unfolding disaster.

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Spot on.

It’s usually fools like these that start wars while young men pay the price.

Based on my own limited experience in the military, I don’t think our DoD is up to fighting an existential war.

The main focus of any military should be war-fighting, and I do not believe that that is what our armed forces primary concern is right now.

The reaction to Covid and the vaccine mandate in particular has destroyed morale. A lot of guys I knew forced out were experienced NCOs. I believe it will take the military years to recover from the damage it has done to itself through that mandate.

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Bless you for your kind words. You have your finger on the pulse of our nation like very few do. I wish you the very best as you forge ahead to lead our nation however you called to do so. You have my complete support and respect.

Warmest aloha to you and yours.


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Vladimir Putin invited president Biden for a public conversation. Biden never replied. Now we have war. Putin pleaded, "I want to offer President Biden that we continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it live, online, without any delays," reported by US News & Reuters 3/18/21. The Russian Youtube is now blocked. Video of Putin speaking these words is easily found at my Stanford University office website.

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Vladimir Putin invited president Biden for a public conversation. Biden never replied. Now we have war. Putin pleaded, "I want to offer President Biden that we continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it live, online, without any delays," reported by US News & Reuters 3/18/21. The Russian Youtube is now blocked. Video of Putin speaking these words is easily found at my Stanford University office website sep.stanford.edu/sep/jon/putin.html

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Gabbard Shellenberger 2024

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First, thank you for your service and your courageous effort to make sense of these events. Please allow me to add more dimensions to this discussion.

I notice there is no mention of the World Economic Forum, yet it is on record as wanting and acting to fundamentally alter human life on Earth, such as via “The Great Reset.” An idea is going around that the WEF is fighting to the last drop of Ukrainian blood to break Russia, which it sees as one of the nations it can’t yet control. That idea also includes wanting to break America’s power to influence events.

I notice your apparently approving references to Jeffrey Sachs and the UN, yet they also take a globalist stance that wants to rope in America, while some in that camp want to break America too. Further, “sustainable development” is a euphemism for sharply reducing living standards around the world. People in that camp are on record as thinking the Earth can sustainably support only 20% of the current population. What are they going to do with, or to, the other 6+ billion people?

I also notice you make no mention of the fastest, surest, safest, and best way to end the war in Ukraine: Reverse the effort to throttle American fossil-fuel and nuclear energy production, which would dramatically lower the price of oil and natural gas, bankrupt Putin’s war effort, seriously reduce American and world inflation, cause the Fed to lighten up on interest rates and thereby avoid or ameliorate the severe recession that will come with much higher interest rates (or avoid or ameliorate a renewed and worse inflation if the Fed prematurely ends its efforts to stem inflation).

Again, Thanks for your efforts.

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You say you were a Council on Foreign Relations member for a short time only during your time in Congress - which I assumed meant you (might) have researched the CFR and its origins from 1921

and realized the CFR's overarching goal was then (in 1921) and is NOW circa 2022, dedicated to One-World-Transnational-Government - ostensibly to end all war and have lasting peace and prosperity on earth. That premise sounds laudable except for the startling fact that the ONLY way to achieve that is via ALL sovereign nations to surrender their (national) sovereignty - and the sovereignty of INDIVIDUALS to the diktats of un-elected and un-accountable INTERNATIONAL nomenklatura and apparatchiks....of the so-called "United Nations".

FYI, Tulsi, one of the FOUNDERS of the CFR - was Dwight D. Eisenhower's Secretary of State - John Foster Dulles, who stated: "The Charter of the United Nations supersedes the United States Constitution"; and you may not know that the U.N. "Charter" was created during the FDR Administration (during WWII), by an obscure U.S. State department employee named Algier Hiss,

who just happened to be a Communist spy who was finally convicted and spent time in a federal prison for his treason. But before that conviction - Hiss was the 1st Secretary at the 1st meeting in San Francisco ( at the end of WWI ), of the UN's General Assembly.

Maybe you are not aware that the guy you 'sat down with' recently - Jeffrey D. Sachs is a CFR member? - As are Joe Biden, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Anthony Blinken, Alejandro Mayorkas, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, George Soros, Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen just to name a few of the self-styled "elite" who are actively engaged in the final destruction of (what remains) of our Republic.

Have you READ any of Sachs books? He spins out the same globalist scenario same as other CFR members such as Henry Kissinger, Strobe Talbott, Richard Haass, and so many other CFR members have for way over a half century.

So, Tulsi, it seems you are still an enigma ( to me). You SOUND sincere, but WHAT are you trying to accomplish (politically)? The end of American independence and sovereignty ain't the way.

Have you thought of what WILL happen if the U.S. surrenders its sovereignty - and its very soil to

internationalist zealots who would de facto control the (global) means of production? Being "THEIR" aim is absolute (global) egalitarianism - social justice, equity and environmental justice,

universal RATIONING of energy and food - indeed ALL things relate to "life" on earth will be the fate of humankind - into perpetuity.

BTW, 60 + years ago at the start of the Cuban Missile "crisis", I was a Naval Air Reservist called to active duty.

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Why do the warhawks need Putin as the boogeyman? To take the attention away from Xi?

I see Xi as a much greater threat than Putin.

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Tulsi, what do you think ends this? Obviously, if both sides come to the negotiating table in good faith, then neither will end up with everything that they want, but we avoid nuclear war. It seems that our insistence on being a mediator is resulting in further escalation and the Biden administration’s intentional provocation of Russia is meant to result in a direct conflict. Is the clock about to strike midnight or do you see diplomacy rising from the ashes at this crucial moment?

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Tulsi, I was born in 1974. I vividly recall as a child of the Eighties the fear of nuclear war hanging over me like a sword. This fear was seared forever into my mind by an episode of the rebooted Twilight Zone show, where a woman found a necklace that stopped and started time for everyone but herself. She had fun with it for a while, but the final scene has her staring up at a Soviet nuclear missile hanging in the night sky like a demon from hell, frozen in time, with her neighbors time-stopped in terror-stricken poses. She could never activate the necklace again because everyone would die. The image of that missile haunted me for years. How grateful I was for Reagan and the end of the Cold War! So while I wasn't around during the Fifties and Sixties, I can attest to the slow motion horror of nuclear threat.

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