My youngest sister was a tomboy growing up. My oldest sister and I played with Barbie dolls. My youngest sister sandpapered the 'breasts' off of the dolls and cut their hair short. Luckily she was born in 1972. Although we all definitely thought her behavior was weird (and my oldest sister and I were totally pissed), no one ever thought "maybe she's a boy." My youngest sister grew up, fell in love, has two sons, and one granddaughter. Leave children alone; let them grow up and into the people they will become.

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Thank you for standing up for children, Tulsi! 🙌

I’m sure you heard the ACIP just voted unanimously to add the COVID-19 injection to the childhood schedule (https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/acip-votes-to-add-covid-19-injections), making this the first “vaccine” in history to be approved without clinical safety data—all despite the significant numbers of injuries and deaths children are suffering post-injection (https://openvaers.com/covid-data/child-summaries).

This maneuver will grant the pharmaceutical corporations immunity once the EUAs expire. Essentially, Big Brother just sacrificed children to protect BigPharma from culpability for the 1.4 million injuries and 31,569 deaths (and growing) that have been reported to the CDC through 10/14/22.

Attorney Jeff Childers wrote yesterday:

“Pharma has a single point of failure, an Achille’s Heel, an exposed port on its Death Star. If we can capture this objective, it will be all over.

“We need a federal law removing vaccine injury liability shields.

“If we do that, if we reverse the state and federal protections for vaccine makers, our long national nightmare will be over. It would instantly kill every single mandate. One tiny federal law would do it. Because federal law pre-empts state law, it simply doesn’t matter if blue states have their own liability shield laws. All it will take is a one-sentence federal law reversing ALL liability shields and requiring vaccine manufacturers to be liable for injuries caused by their products.” (https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/c-and-c-news-friday-october-21-2022)

Tulsi, we need legislators who possess the courage to stand up to the pharmaceutical drug cartel by sponsoring legislation that targets their Achille’s heel.

Can we count on you to add your voice and connect us with allies who are willing to introduce legislation that protects people from BigPharma instead of the current practice of protecting BigPharma from their victims?

Repealing these three acts would be a phenomenal step toward defending the public from pharma greed, corruption of the science industry, and government propagandizing of the public:

• 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Act

• Bayh-Dole Act

• National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

I beg you to take the time to review and share this evidence-packed satirical piece so we can raise awareness about the grievous harms these experimental injectable products pose to children:

• “50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/50-reasons-to-give-your-child-the)

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My question is why and how the parents of these children believe this mutilation of their children is a good thing. I assume they are fully informed about what is happening and give their consent. If not, that is another issue entirely. But for those parents who agree with this form of medical treatment, how does that come about?

There is a good reason why children are not competent in the law to make contracts. There is a good reason why children are not prosecuted as adults when they commit horrible crimes. There is a good reason why the voting age is at least 18 years old. There is a good reason why they cannot buy liquor. And that reason is in all cases because we as a society have concluded they are not capable of making the kinds of judgments that we as a society believe require require adult judgment.

One irony in all this is the silence from those who argue the human brain has not developed far enough to permit reasoned judgment and, therefore for example, a 21 year old young man should not be tried as an adult for a horrible crime.

A sick madness has overtaken our medical industry and it's not just driven by money.

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What isn’t being broached is what is the endgame? I’ve thought about , putting together a pattern.

1) The common factor is reproductive decline. Trans, gay, X and promoting abortion vs. hetero, loving, long term relationships, nuclear family… There is an anti-relationship mantra, whether gay, straight trans is also encouraged. Adopting a child in a same-sex relationship is discouraged. Children are a pox on the planet.

2- Stripping away individualism and personhood. It isn’t about freedom, tolerance or acceptance. Instead, the goal appears to be confusion and inability to identify as anything absolute.

My takeaway is the Brave New World prophesied by Huxley. A medicated, techno-subjugated hedonistic controlled slavery.

Klaus Schwab “ Great Reset”- ‘You will own nothing and be happy’. 2019

Aldous Huxley “ Brave New World”- ‘ You will enjoy your servitude’- 1931

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Love you, Tulsi! Would love a DeSantis/ Gabbard, Gabbard/DeSantis ticket. Go the route Brett Weinstein suggested to Tucker- Take turns switching places. You’re both very independent and would be a great balance. It’s quite obvious the entire Dem Party and 1/3 of the GOP hate us all.

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Tulsi, we need you now. Our country is on the wrong path.

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Mahalo nui loa, Tulsi, for attending the Rally to End Child Mutilation in Nashville. Your bold, honest delivery drowned out those who sought only to silence your voice, but failed miserably in their task. Their goal is to control our children, both inside and outside of the school system. Mahalo for being such a strong advocate, and champion, for our children. Warmest aloha.

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We decry Muslim genital mutilation. So how is this different?

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Our Nation is Blessed to have your leadership, Tulsi! Especially at this very time of our Liberty under attack. Mutilation of children is pure Evil. Shame on Vanderbilt & all that support such atrocities. One Nation Under God🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸We must end this evil!!

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Yesli Vega is terrific.Ditto Kari Lame and Dr. Oz. You’ve been a tremendous inspiration. My friends love you. My family loves you. My Jewish daughter and her Hindu husband love you. If we can purge the GOP of Mitch, Lindsey, Mitt and the rest of the Bush apparatchiks… the warmongering globalist kleptotechnocorporate multinationalist puppet masters and anti-sovereignty Great Reset aka Build Back Better aka Brave New Word transhumanist technocracy, abolish the UN, CIA, FBI, Fed , FISA, TSA, EPA, Dept of Education, halt NATO build up, interventions, stand for Free Iran, close the borders, audit the entire federal government, purge the whole damn system and put the whole criminal cabal behind bars, confiscate their I’ll gotten gains… life would be so beautiful

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Tulsi...You also speak with a "calm voice" and "deliberate strength" - which are attributes that set you WAY above the other "Democrats" during the jousting for the previous presidential race.

What the so-called "National Education Association" and the so-called "American Federation of Teachers" -( with the blessings of the so-called "Democratic" party and the Collective Left )- is a MONSTROUS CRIME - which in this day and age NO ONE will EVER be "held accountable" - including "woke" (read UNCONSCIOUS ) "parents" who are caught up in the upside-down-insanity of 'life' extant in America - ( indeed, make that GLOBALLY ).

IF you can transcend attempts by the Collective Left to either (again) join them, and if not to CANCEL you via innuendo, slander and 24/7/365 hate mail attacks demonizing you with outrageous mendacity - IF you can survive THAT onslaught, Tulsi, indeed at some point you have the makings of a potentially great president of the U.S.A., and a fine way to segue into that would be 1st to become a Vice President -( BOTH president Trump or Ron DeSantis would be viable partners )- in returning respect and adherence to the precepts of the Constitution and Rule of Law.... and CANCELING the CANCEL CULTURE that is wantonly destroying our God-given liberty and freedom to be all We can be - FREE of bureaucratic coercion and federal diktats.

One of the great things about Trump is he is a GREAT counter-puncher! All the Americans I know want someone who is a REAL fighter; Has actually READ the Constitution, and WILL uphold ALL of the freedoms and liberty described in the (7) Articles and (24) Sections therein.

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Thank you, Tulsi, for calling this what it is: child mutilation. I’m going to say it again: child mutilation. This has nothing to do with LTBQ+ rights. This about breaking down our cultural institutions- family, church, community cohesion - all to promote the Government as your sole source of advice, counsel and values. Is the hard left currently controlling the Democratic Party concerned about the welfare of these minors in the pursuit of their objectives? Not in the slightest.

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I want my foreskin back! been saying that for years.....I think its funny, helpless new born get his dick chopped off. good times!

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My daughter-in-law was a spitfire when she was 5. When she was 10 she was the captain of the "I hate girls club" - a group of young boys of similar ages who used to play together and roam the neighborhood house to house like a pack of hungry scavengers. Jillian ran the group. She was shorter than all the boys, but she was bossy, loud, played soccer with a vengeance, and had an infectious laugh and was always full of great ideas for the group, a born leader. Then teen years hit, and hormones took over and she fell in love with my son and they ended up getting married. Meanwhile a young man also in the same group growing up was too fidgety in class (he would rather be outside running) so they bombarded him with ADHD medication. He ended up wanting to be a woman and is now in the trans community. I wonder if anyone has done a study looking to see if there is a connection between ADHD medication and the 4000% rise in gender dysphoria. What this country is doing to young kids interfering with nature is a huge mistake, one we will be paying for for years to come.

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"‘Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?’ "

Reminds me reading of the Crusades, 900 years ago, where a Frankish 'doctor' ignorant of medical advances made by Arabs at that time, would ask his patient if he would rather die with two legs or live with one.

Medicine has regressed to the Middle Ages thanks to 20 years of woke ideology.

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Tulsi, thank you so much for having the courage to stand up and helping to raise awareness to this crucial issue that all American parents and families are contending with right now. You're a great speaker, and you are able to get your messages across remarkably well. I have said this over and over many times now. You have massive potential for another presidential run, and I am so grateful and proud to be a supporter for you, on your locals page and now here as well and I will continue to contribute what I can for your career. As long as you continue standing up for what you believe is right and just. The sky is the limit for you.

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