What you touched on in your opening paragraph, Tulsi, is what Orwell describes as “reality control” in “1984.” CJ Hopkins and I discussed this at length here:

• “Dissident Dialogues: CJ Hopkins” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dissident-dialogues-cj-hopkins)

Totalitarian governments exercise control over our minds by demanding that we deny objective reality, as Orwell notes:

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

The supreme irony in regards to feminism, as you’ve noted, is that embracing the “tolerance” required by Wokeism reimposes the very oppression of women feminism was created to overcome.

P.S. The invitation is still open for you to participate in a future Dissident Dialogues exchange, Tulsi (we can do one question at a time via email, so the process is flexible and can take place over an indefinite time period based on what works best for you :-)

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I have one daughter in telecommunications, a very male-dominated businss, and another in the entertainment world, also male-dominant. Both are treated as less-than serious people even though they both are major players in their fields. THAT'S what feminists should be focused on, not multiple genders, pronouns, and euphanisms for what a person is. I can hardly contain myself when I see and hear people wasting time over such nonsense. SMH

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It is crucial that women speak out about this issue. Thank you, Tulsi.

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“ Modern Feminism” is anti-humanism. The left is illiberal, anti-American, anti-female,anti-male and anti-children. Essentially, the movement is anti- human reproduction. Combined with the anti- farming, anti- fossil fuel, incredibly bizarre anti-dog, cat and pet companionship,, non-reaction to Fauci’s beagle torture exposed, pro- Gain Of Function research, pro-war enthusiasm…. Modern feminism and feminine, male hating men…. There is only one conclusion. A hatred of all things living.

If this continues without sentient pushback, their I’ll-conceived” Great Reset” will come to fruition. What they fail to realize is the fact they will not be exempt. They… and “ We The People” will become either enslaved or extinct and I’m hard pressed to decide which is worse.

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My mother, Cpl. Sara Mae Helmer WACS/USAAF was no feminist. Look her up. Employed by federal government since 1938, because she was a "notch baby". Served in Europe during WW2 and Otis Air Force Base with my father Captain Joseph T Baldwin MD during the Korean War. He wasn't a feminist either.

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Bravo Tulsi!

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Tulsi, thanks for giving Riley the opportunity to speak out, so important!

After writing of the trans widow experience (your husband is suddenly awol, you discover the cross-dressing) and publishing my memoir, In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow, I've focused on the mind/body connection the trans ideology violates. I suggest working to have obvious, grounded mind/body connections, as Tulsi and Riley do. It doesn't mean you have to swim 2 miles daily, but rather use movement and breathing to keep the vagus nerve calm--it's the main nerve connecting torso to brain, and is not calm during PTSD symptoms. Here's a short clip of easy moves:



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Another P.S: Tulsi... You might take note of Dr. Malone's sub stack in that he often acknowledges with a "like" notation - or adds his own comment to that of his many subscribers.

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Today’s Washington Post headline:https://www.allsides.com/news/2022-12-02-0724/climate-change-should-you-not-have-kids-because-climate-change-it-s-complicated

“ Should You Not have Kids Due To Climate Change?” Kind of lays out what’s driving this insane “ modern feminism”

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So radically untruthful‼️But, I guess that is not their preference: The Truth……or even objective reality.. I support your effort to stop the madness wholeheartedly 💯🇺🇸👏

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Hi Tulsi, I just joined your platform cause I didn't know you were running in 2024.

Thats fantastic.

I'm tickled to know this. I see only one problem. If DeSantis runs, I've supported him till now.

I would pick you over Trump any day of the week. I like your priorities concerns for the people. I think you would be genuinely working for the people and your decisions would be to benefit the people. I'd bet the farm Biden gets impeached with the new house next month. I am sending you something of importance that you should know the direction of the country.

I will be a regular subscriber and always listen and support your decisions cause I beleive you would always put the people first.

Have a wonderful week and God Bless you and family.


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Great articulation of women’s rights as they were fought for over the years. Women are not the same as men (should be obvious), which does not mean we are inferior.

You described one example in sports that strikes a chord with me as well. Athletes are not allowed to take performance enhancing drugs, however, many are taken to boost testosterone. Should there be a standard for what or is not fair to even out the playing field? Your example demonstrates this conundrum. Trans athletes are not magically the same as women.

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Are we hating Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela enough ??

Elon Musk – for Nobel Peace Prize !! He might have saved us from the fascist partisan US War party.

https://substack.com/inbox/post/89954921 -- Caitlin Johnstone - 12/11/2022

The Biggest Obstacle To Real Freedom Is The Belief That We Already Have It

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Awesome, Tulsi you are standing up for truth, and I am rejoicing that there are people like you in this country willing to take on the madness. I'm sure you are wrongfully attacked for the position you are taking. But you have my support 1000%. Evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

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Thank you !!

FBI deliberately lied to social media companies about Hunter Biden laptop (actually three water-damaged laptops - not just one) – FBI knew the truth exactly – laptops were in their possession for one (1) year



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The reason the British Communist - Eric Arthur Blair - wrote with (his) nom de plume of George Orwell, was to save his skin from certain "liquidation" by the Communist State apparatchiks he was a part of until he (secretly) became an apostate of Marxist ideology.

But to the engulfing bizarro group think world of so-called feminists under the auspices of the Collective Left, the ONLY way to stop this insidious 'movement' will be IF and WHEN the female species individually and through a nation-wide organization makes it happen.

The male species (especially 'white' skinned men)- or males in general - other than helping in subordinate ways, can have little to NO real impact or authority in this matter. Strong willed independent and Constitutionally Conservative females, i.e, women - MUST unite to stop the insanity; Stop the pernicious Leftist attack on traditional folkways and mores; and stop the U.S. federal government form showering TAXPAYERS money to promote yet another mode of fragmenting society under the rubric of "social-justice".

P.S: Tulsi? I hope you are reading 'TPM'... and educating yourself as to HOW We the people have come to be in the precarious era we 'live' in - and quite possibly the end of the "Fragile experiment with Freedom" Ben Franklin spoke of in 1787.

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