Hello Tulsi Tulsi 🎼🥁😘

This was an amazing fantastic podcast with Erika and it answered all the questions that I needed to know about the life of the bees 🐝 who are so important for the sustainability of the food supply and for the environment too. I sincerely enjoyed this episode of your absolutely excellent podcast 💯

You put a lot of research and dedication into your Tulsi Gabbard Show and that is why it is ever so fascinating and so good to see from you every week. Your brilliant podcasts are always fact filled and so interesting also. Thank you very much Tulsi and keep them coming every week because I love it so much 👏🇺🇸🙏❤️

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If we can get them to quit spraying poison in the skies, then maybe we can save the bees.


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Not to detract from the importance of honey bees, but many crops are pollinated by bats and even mosquitos.

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The insights that your podcast is giving to us concerning the mind set of too many, if not most, of our elected lawmakers is crucial for this nation's long term survival.

And like many of those with that mind set, they believe that the impact of their gross negligence to make and enforce laws necessary for long term survival will have no impact upon themselves or their immediate family.

This nation needs Statepersons, such as you, to talk truthfully and consequently about true (common world resourses) costs and consequences of our political economic policies.

How ingenious on your part was it to use the lowly social status of the bee to remind us how we humans have forgotten or under evaluated our dependence and necessary conection with the natural world.

Thank You.

P.S. I find the instinctual communication among the bees to be instructive of how nature intended individuals in a society to interact for the common good. Makes me wonder what God's plan was for us humans in giving us language!

Why does the BABBLING of most politicians make sense to soo many?

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Great presentation & information. I learned a lot 🤙

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Grow flowers. No matter how the events of your life have blown you, almost crushed you, yet you prevailed to design a garden and restore wildflowers in a woods:


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yellow jackets

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